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Let's get ready for the holiday season!

November 15, 2017

Hi there!

Are you ready for the holiday season? This time of year is ideal for selling more Paparté gifts and Infinite Designs holiday cards.

Here are some tips we learned over the years that’ll help you easily boost your holiday sales:


1. Get your PIP/IDW ready with holiday animation

It all starts with merchandising! Let your customers know you have everything they need for their holiday gift and/or card needs. Just go to the Settings tab in your PIP/IDW Admin and check the "Holiday Animation Nov 2016" promo screen (and don't forget uncheck the "Everyday Animation Nov 2016"). Save these setting and tap "Start Over" on your PIP/IDW to see the animation.

2. Print holiday themed samples (for free!)

Remember, blank products in the back room don't make money, but beautiful products on your display do. Just print festive holiday samples to cross merchandise Paparté at your store. We will send you FREE paper so you can reprint them for sale. Click here to order free paper and promo stickers!