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Awesome THIS! "PREVIEW" release is a game changer

September 18, 2018

Dealers who have tested our latest release say, "It's Awesome!" "Game Changer!"

They are excited and so are we... now is your turn!


The number one upgrade request we have gotten from dealers is product preview...

Now you have it! No more customer asking "How will it look?" and "Can't I see it?" Problem solved! 


Our new software release is packed with goodies aimed to help you create a better shopping experience for your customers - in store or online. The cherry on top - our new preview feature will show customers how their personalized gift will look on the kiosk or online

We have also upgraded the appearance and user experience to make them more attractive and even easier to use!

This is what is included in this game changing software release:


Awesome Preview Feature

Available on your kiosk, desktop PIP and online store

Your customers can now see the product they have designed  before they buy. When they are done personalizing, they will see an accurate preview of their product on the screen. Your customers will be able to edit their selections and get an updated preview until they are completely happy.

This will totally change the Awesome THIS! shopping experience.

Our best dealers have reported that 80% of the time customers have asked them "how will my product look?". Now, instead of trying to explain or showing samples - your customers can see their personalized gift directly on your PIP screen or on your Awesome THIS! online store. 

This is how it look on a mobile device: 


This new feature will enhance the shopping experience for your customers and make your job easier. 


Design and user experience

Across platforms, Awesome THIS! is now easier to shop. Here's what's new:


Choose Your Product page

  • Scroll browsing on mobile and on desktop

  • Upgraded products presentation - product cards shown with 3 products, to better tell the Awesome THIS! Story



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