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Claim your domain and merchandise 

Fill out the following form to claim your Awesome THIS! domain. This is essential in order for your system to run the latest software version. This domain will also be used for your Awesome THIS! "Buy online - Print in store" website.

NOTE: Your system will not be able to run the newest version if you do not claim a domain.

Your URL will look like this:

Your domain name may consist of letters, numbers or dashes,  but must not contain any dots, punctuation or spaces.

NOTE: If you have multiple systems, you will need to provide a unique domain name for every system. Systems are five digit numbers and will have a letter at the end of it (if you have multiple systems). To find a specific system's number, go to this system's print manager or look on the cover of your new dealer book. 

New Kiosk Graphics for AwesomeTHIS! brand

With the submission of the following form we will also send you the appropriate updated  AwesomeTHIS! signs, touch screen frame and base for your Infinite Designs Workstation (IDW) kiosk (if you have one). These graphics will match the new graphics in the IDW software. The display materials (Up to $50 value) are free, you'll only be charged $10 for shipping. If you do not wish to receive the new signs, frame and/or base, please uncheck the box at the bottom of the form.

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