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Infinite Designs - Truly Yours!

Infinite Designs is all about using customization to make your customers’ events, from announcements to thank-you notes, look incredible. Our invitation, holiday cards and announcement lines will make you a one-stop shop. Customers can personalize their invitations, banners, announcements, holiday cards, and more exactly to their liking – designed by them on an easy-to-use interface. The best part is that your customers won’t have to wait to have their invitations and banners shipped – they can be printed right in your store!

The Infinite Designs Workstation (IDW) allows you to store all of your invitation offerings in one convenient and easy-to-use, touch-based kiosk. Your customers just has to add their information and a photo of their special guest and hit print. They can leave with their invitations in minutes! 

Invitations & Holiday Cards, Designs and Sizes

Our collection of invitations and announcements work for every occasion: from birth to celebrating a 100th birthday. Infinite designs offers a wide variety of paper sizes and textures to fit any of your customer needs: from invitations to response cards, thank you notes, favor tags, stickers and much more! Read all about our new line on our blog.

Holiday Cards

IDW Products & Sizes


1)   6 x 9 Invitations (5.7 x 8.5) 
      Matte and Textured

2)   5 x 7 Fold Card (4.6 x 7)
      Matte and Glossy

3)   5 x 7 Invitations 
      Matte, Textured and Glossy

4)   4 x 6 Invitations
      Matte and Glossy

5)   3 x 5 Thank You Notes (3.3 x 5) 
      Matte and Textured

6)   3 x 5 Mini Invitations or Response Cards
       Matte and Textured

7)   2.25 x 1.5 Return Address Label
       or Favor Sticker (9/sheet)

8)   3.5 x 2.3 Favor Sticker

9)    3.5 x 2.3 Enclosure Card
        Matte and Glossy (4/sheet)

10)  2.25 x 1.5 Favor Tag
       (hole punch in corner) (9/sheet)

11)  2 x 1.25 Return Address Label 
or Favor Sticker


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