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All you have to do is ask...


Dear Valued InScribe Dealer,

Congratulations, and welcome to the new world! As a dealer on support, you are qualified for a free software upgrade that will assist you with getting your invitation business into the digital era.

To get it…all you have to do is ask!

Here’s everything you get for free!​

  • IDW – The Infinite Designs Workstation is a new easy-to-use web based platform that makes it easy for anyone to design and personalize invitations. Over 1000 designs can be featured on the IDW today.

  • Your staff can use the desktop IDW to set up invitations and accessories with little or no training.

  • Photo invitations are easy and your customers can upload photos right from their phone.

  • You can use an iPad to let you customers customize their own invitations.

  • The system is compatible with our online IDW that will let your customers create invitations at home that you can print in store.

  • A great feature of the IDW is the Admin page that lets you set your own pricing, specials and present the Infinite Designs products you sell from small stickers to 6x9 invitations.

  • You also get Print Manager - a new easy to use print interface.

  • The new software enables us to provide you with automated updates without any discs or complicated installation required. This includes font updates too! From now on you will get new purchased fonts automatically - the moment they are released.​

  • All of these great new features rely on internet connection, so contact support if you have any questions about your internet service.

  • Your Legacy Software will still work. The IDW does not support DOD (Design On Demand), Data cards and graphics so can still use your Legacy system for these features.

  • Art volumes that were released prior to volume 116 are not supported by the IDW. If you don’t have all the newer volumes, we will provide you with a special art package at an exclusive price to get you started. ​

Get it now!

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