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Our Winter Software Release Will ROCK Your Holiday Season!

We couldn’t be more excited to announce our latest – and biggest – release! This release has everything in it: New photo layouts that will make your products look awesome with much bigger photos, a new single photo layout, new captions, new chat, new technology and a bunch of new products that are soon to come. Hold on to your hats, here we go!

Winter ‘17 release summary:

Photos & captions

New Products (software)

New Technology

  • Print Manager Chat

  • Art process upgrade​

Winter ‘17 Release – all the awesome details:

Photos & captions

We have completely optimized our Photo and captions layouts on all of our products. Photos are now a lot bigger! This feature has been requested by our dealers and is now available. Print some Photo samples and check it out! Click to add Photo personalization to your PIP

Another awesome feature is the single photo or a single caption personalization. Also a widely requested feature, this is now available for the following products: Pillow, Apron, Coaster, Yo-yo, Note Card, Enclosure Card, Flat Card, Badge Reel, Metal Keychain, Lacquer Box and Ornament.

Also, we created all new Holiday captions that will reside in your existing Holiday caption section, and optimized the captions order for the holiday season. Don’t forget to turn them on!!


As listed above, this release consist of 11(!) new products, three of which are part of our new insulated steel line. Click here to join our customers who are already selling this amazing line. Our beautiful Lacquer Box and Ornament are also available starting next week, so be sure to get them before the holiday season ends. The rest of the products are available to pre-order. Click here to add them to your personalization portfolio.

Please note: With this release all of the new products will appear in your PIP Admin (turned off). Make sure you only turn on items that you currently have in your store.

New Technology

The Print Manager will be getting a system upgrade to process art more efficiently on your machine.

We’ve also added a chat button at the bottom of the right-hand screen. This chat button will give you real-time access to our Support Representatives to answer your questions.

For any questions you might have, please contact us at 1-800-346-3461, or by using chat from our website or your print manager.

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