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Nov 2018 Software Update - Action Required

New Photo-Caption layout that will get your customers excited!

Our November software release includes great new features and upgrades that enhance your customers shopping experience in store and on line, and improve the way their gifts will look like.

Here's everything included in this release. please read - action required.

New Photo-Caption Layout: No cut-offs on the edges

This feature came as a request from many of our dealers and their customers. The new photo-caption layout now has clean edges on the print area top and bottom, instead of the previous photo-caption cut-offs.

This is how it used to look like:

This is how it looks now:

New Color Selection Menus

Your customers can now choose their designs and captions colors by a specific color or by a recipient. We also upgraded the seasonal menu to include all relevant seasonsThese new categories can be found under the "more colors" option.

Shop by color menu:

Shop by recipient menu:

New seasonal color menu:

Choose Ribbon Color

Choosing ribbon color is now part of the personalization process. This feature will be added to your kiosk and on your online Awesome THIS! website.

Please note, action required: upon updating your software, you will have to choose what color ribbon would you like to offer for each relevant product (Bag Tags, Bookmarks, Ornaments). This can be done on your Admin, under the products tab.

We will update your system remotely. To get ALL of this awesomeness - just follow your Print Manager alerts and restart your system when prompted.

For any questions, contact InScribe Support:

Phone: 1-800-346-3461


Or chat on Print Manager or on our website

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