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New captions and designs are coming your way!

Our new art and captions update is waiting. We're sending it to you automatically - all you have to do is restart your Print Manager. Make sure to follow the messages in the top bar to get all the updates. Once the updates are all complete, tap "Start Over" on your PIP

Here's everything you're getting:

Valentine's Day Captions (Love category)

Valentine's day is right around the corner, and we hooked you up with some new LOVE captions!

For Valentine's promotional photos and digital designs - click here!

We're adding a bunch more captions requested by you, our dealers:

Grandpa/Grandma Captions (Friends & Family category)

New Humor Captions (Humor Category)

Camp Captions (Sports + Recreation category)

New captions are free for all dealers with photo personalization software.

New Art Designs

This update also includes four new art families, including "Handsome" - a new art family dedicated for men!

Note: you may be qualified to get this art update for free. Contact sales at 1-800-346-3461, email or via chat here on our website to find out how.

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