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June 2018 Software Update - Here's Everything New!

Our new software update is packed with good stuff that will make you and your customers excited: New products, new captions , new art and even something special for Father's Day!

A couple of important points to note:

⭐ We recommend that you restart your Print Manager at least twice in the next 2 days in order to complete any updates. To confirm you are all up to date with the most recent software, your Print Manager version should be 3348 or higher. You can find your current software version under the blue support button on your Print Manager.

⭐ Remember to always check your Print Manager alerts for pending updates.

⭐ If you are a gold dealer or higher, you are receiving 3 new patterns. After the update, new art should be marked as licensed on your admin. We recommend testing that the new art is loaded properly by creating a product and assigning it to printer. If it assigns - you're all set. No need to print.

⭐ This update includes the ability to print new products and new art. After the update is complete, be sure to only turn on new art that is shown as licensed and turn on new products when you receive your product orders in your store.

⭐ That's it - all you have to do is to restart your Print Manager.

New Products:

Insulated Steel Tumbler 24oz. Coming in June

$29.99 - $34.99​

BPA-free, comes with removable straw

Features a double-wall insulation that keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot

Insulated Steel Sports Bottle 24oz. Black coming in June, white glossy coming this summer

$21.99 - $24.99​


Features a double-wall insulation that keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot

Flask 8oz/6oz. Available to ship now

$21.99 - $24.99​


Made with durable steel

Great gift for alcohol lovers, bridal parties and more!

Insulated Steel Food Jar 12oz. Available to ship now

$22.99 - $25.99​

12 oz. BPA-free

Features a double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps your cold contents cold and your hot contents hot

Perfect for children’s lunch boxes

Insulated Steel Sports Bottle 12oz - Coming this summer!

$22.99 - $25.99​

12 oz. BPA-free

Perfect for children’s lunch boxes

Features a double-wall insulation that keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot

New Art Designs - Available now

New art is free for GOLD and PLATINUM dealers. Otherwise, the price for family is $75.

Pop up art (Father's Day) - FREE for all.


Guy Stuff:

Pop up art

Check out these awesome Father's Day Patterns!

New Captions

Captions are free for all dealers with our photo feature!

New wine and spirits captions, now in a separated category, so it's easier to turn off if not relevant to your customers

New Holiday captions

For any questions contact us at 1-800-346-3461, or here on our live chat!

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