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NEW! full photo/full caption personalization

We're happy to announce our new software release, which includes a full photo and a full caption personalization layout on every Awesome THIS! product. This feature has been requested by our dealers, and we're delighted to oblige!

Other than great looking personalized gifts, this new feature opens a new product category for our dealers: non personalized "grab and go" products with great sayings, local captions, local landmarks, landscapes and events.

Full photo personalization

Personalize any product with a single image.

Note: Every product has a different printable surface area. Upon choosing the full photo option, the system will show you a representation of the printable area for every product. The uploaded photo will be cropped in accordance. Make sure to choose a proper photo, for example: drink ware products have wide printable areas, as they are cylinder shaped. Therefore, wide horizontal shots will fit these products best. Phone cases, on the other hand, work best with vertical photos. As always, zoom and positioning adjustments are available.

Full caption personalization

Personalize any product with a single caption.

Caption size will be set and centered according to the product, with the chosen background color as the full coverage color.

We will update your system remotely. To get ALL of this awesomeness - just follow your Print Manager alerts and restart your system when prompted.

For any questions, contact InScribe Support:

Phone: 1-800-346-3461


Or chat on Print Manager or on our website

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